Premium Durable High-Density 600D Oxford Polyester

A Must-Have Multifunctional Car Seat Travel Bag for Air Travel, Sports, Camping, Beach Trips, and Storage.

Great for more than protecting your child’s throne during air travel.


Holds all models of car seats! Crafted with High-Density 600D, water-resistant Oxford Polyester. Ensures protection, ease, and comfort of use.

Premium Durable High-Density 600D Oxford Car Seat Travel Bag
Sleek Backpack Grade Car Seat Travel Bag


Carrying car seats or most anything for whatever your purpose is
super easy with this oversized backpack-style carrying bag.

You will marvel at the convenience this bag provides no matter your situation.

Premium Oxford Polyester - High Tensile Strength - Durable Stitch Density - Versatile & Multifunctional - Modern Convenience

Premium High-Density 600D Oxford Polyester

Made from high-density polyester that can withstand harsh conditions with reinforced durable stitch density

Smart Design & Construction

Stylish design adds comfort and luxury to your trips with reinforced handle stitching for enhanced functionality and durability.

This large bag has an attached portable pouch to fold the bag into for easy, light-weight carrying and storage.

Smart Design & Construction The CorVoss Car Seat Travel Bag

Modern Convenience

More than one way to carry this bag, making it easier to get in and out of vehicles, airport baggage conveyors, or around doorways or stairs.

Easy to Clean – Spot or Hand Wash

To spot wash, grab a stain remover and spray it on the stains. Let it sit for about 1 minutes. Wash it out by hand, if it’s a tough spot, you might need to use a brush to remove the stain.

To wash by hand, use warm water and a soft brush. Submerge your bag in the water and use circular
motions. Rinse it in clean, warm water and let the bag air dry.

Multifunctional for any purpose CorVoss Car Seat Travel Bag

Use For Any Purpose

The CorVoss Car Seat Travel Bag is BIG. You can use this bag for camping, boating, beach trips, sporting, air travel... Anything you can think of. There are unlimited uses for this bag besides carrying your little one's throne from here to there.

The Perfect Gift for Anyone

Gift this to anyone having a baby or already has a child, those who love sports, hiking, boating, going to the beach, or needing a storage bag.

You can't go wrong with such a unique gift idea.

Makes the perfect gift - The CorVoss Car Seat Travel Bag